Accordo dei Contrari - Kublai. 2011 Italy

In some ways, Accordo dei Contrari are the polar opposite of the Sithonia album we spoke about on this blog. The instrumentation, execution, and overall crispness are absolutely top-notch. Thematic development and melodic longevity, well... perhaps not their strong suit. So in that way, I rate them the same, though I can assure you that Accordo dei Contrari are far more palatable on initial impact. I would have to plea before the court as to why Sithonia are excellent, whereas all I have to do here is press "play" and watch the listener's jaw drop at the musical prowess. That's not to say that Accordo dei Contrari are a cold, soulless band. Quite to the contrary (as their name suggests). The psychedelic exotic fusion of 'Arabesque' alone is enough to sell me on this album. As if Agitation Free went on a Mahavishnu Orchestra binge. Say that last sentence again, perhaps slowly. I'm all in. I think this is where the Area comparisons come in. They're meant as flattery, but not sure I see the correlation. Anyway, instrumental progressive rock / fusion - I could listen to this kind of stuff all day.

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Last listen: July 25, 2011

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