Sunbirds - s/t. 1971 Germany

Sunbirds - s/t. 1971 BASF

UMR feature on Sunbirds - Zagara

CD reissue: 2011 Garden of Delights

Release details:  Originals are housed in a wonderful gatefold cover and can get quite pricey. I personally paid top dollar on ebay recently, as it was something I really wanted to own. Not long after, I was thrilled to see the CD reissue, and I pounced upon one immediately as a supplement to the LP. The CD features two excellent bonus tracks, great sound, and GoD's usual full booklet with history and photos. Nobody does reissues better than Garden of Delights!

Notes: Sunbirds are perhaps the ultimate soundtrack for your next autobahn excursion. We're talking open top BMW convertible, hot megababe sitting next to you, hairspray, loads of mascara and thigh high white go-go boots - with 4 inch heels. Oh really, you have no idea what I'm talking about? Go over to your cable TV and find some independent channel that has some feature at 3:00 in the morning with a name like Weird Ass Euro Theater. Catch a flick like The Girl on a Motorcycle and you're there.... BABY! Must be a European production, even a soft core flick will suffice. Put on the Sunbirds, kick back, relax and drift into your inner vertigo. Extra points if you have shag carpet and wood paneled walls....

Musically the Sunbirds' albums can best be qualified as "flute groovers". That is to say, they are seasoned in the jazz idiom, but also wanted to venture into the psychedelic sounds of the day. Chris Hinze, Lloyd McNeill, and Bjorn J:Son Lindh did this too. But the Sunbirds also had that Krautrock thing going on, and you know they were hip to Wolfgang Dauner, Association P.C. and the whole gang at MPS Records. Plenty of wild fuzz guitar and electric piano. Especially on the first album, the Sunbirds could have easily fit on the Brain label, and may have had they come around a year or two later. File next to your T. Yokota and the Beat Generation record. Of course you have that...

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