Ramses - La Leyla + Eternity Rise. 1976;1978 Germany

The Sky label was founded by a former Brain label executive, and originally the label was patterned after the successful cult institution, before pretty much dedicating to electronic music by 1979.

Ramses, along with Shaa Khan, were probably their most overtly progressive rock unit. Eloy seems to be the most obvious influence, with a strong English lyrical content, analog keyboards (mellotron, organ, synthesizers), loud acid guitar, fat bass, heady concepts and extended track lengths. The decidedly slower pace was very much in vogue in Germany during this era (Novalis, Minotaurus, Albatros, Indigo, and dozens of others) clearly demonstrating a love for classic Pink Floyd in their commercial prime.

Eternity Rise is a very slight drop off from the debut. There are a couple of more overt attempts at commercial success here, and that's really the only misstep. Otherwise, the sound is pretty much the same as the debut.

Ramses were a solid, though not a spectacular, German symphonic progressive rock group.

Personal collection
CD: 1993 Sky

Both albums on one CD. Pros: From the original label (masters) and both albums in their entirety. Cons: No extras, liner notes, new photos, no nuthin'.

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  1. I only realised when I bought this one that the LP I own is an American pressing: War has different lyrics and is renamed Noise; as I understand to avoid offending the sensitive American public because of the Vietnam war... Make of that what you will, but it would've been a nice bonus track for the CD. I guess I'll hold on to my vinyl copy then.

    Cheers, Bas


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