Mongol - Doppler 444. 1997 Japan

Regular readers of my blogs will know by now, high energy fusion / progressive rock is always welcome in my changer. And boy, does this fit the bill! Like a less raw Kenso, with perhaps a little too much 90's digitalitis going on - though nonetheless these guys just let 'er rip. And with plenty of meter changes for the hardcore progressive rock fan. So on the first 5 tracks, Mongol reminds me quite a bit of the great second album by Space Circus (Fantastic Arrival), but with a 90's production. So if that sounds good, this will serve you well enough.

And then....

WHOOOAAA! Hold the presses!

And then......... there's this 18 minute closer.

Would you believe me if I told you that 'Greatful Paradise' is the most intense Zeuhl styled song since the 'De Futura' track from Magma's Udu Wudu? Probably not. But the fact is I lost 5 pounds listening to it. See, there's that Paganotti styled fuzz bass counterpointed by alien keyboard sounds and shredding guitar. And then there's this possessed drummer not named Vander but.... OK, you get the idea. Want another Weidorje album? You like Zeuhl fusion? You need this.

Personal collection
CD: 1997 Belle Antique

The 2013 reissues contain significant bonus material apparently.

Last listen: 2010

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