Missus Beastly - Dr. Aftershave and the Mixed Pickles. 1976 Germany

Dr. Aftershave and The Mixed-Pickles sees Missus Beastly moving onto the more-in-fashion funky sounds of the era, while still building on the jazz rock of the 1974 album. Anyone who is familiar with Embryo's Bad Heads and Bad Cats will immediately recognize the sounds here (and they share many members between the groups). Worth noting this is the first album on the April label, later renamed Schneeball for legal reasons.

Personal collection
LP: 1976 April
CD: 2011 Garden of Delights

The original LP comes in a folder cover, without borders. And recently I've supplemented that LP with the much anticipated Garden of Delights CD. It features two excellent bonus tracks (taken from the Umsonst und Draussen festivals - also featured in this blog), great sound, thick booklet with history, and photos. Superb reissue as always.


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    1. Hi - this is just a review site. No downloads here. Sorry!


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