Hecenia – La Couleur du Feu. 1994 France

This is Hecenia's second album, and a dramatic jump up from their debut. The main reason for this is the wise decision to turn off the drum machine and add a real drummer. And he propels the music forward in an exciting way, never staying in place too long to wear out its welcome. In some ways I was reminded of the obscure group Ocarinah in the way the album keeps changing from theme to theme. Perhaps best of all, is that La Couleur du Feu has some of the most beautiful piano compositions in modern progressive rock. It's nice to hear the piano as a solo instrument rather than strictly as accompaniment. What a talented band they were, and it's a pity they stopped when they did. Today, very few people remember Hecenia, and yet they were one of the rising stars in the early 1990s.

Personal collection
CD: 1994 Musea

Last listen: 2011

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