Grupo N.H.U. - s/t. 1978 Spain

Grupo N.H.U. - s/t. 1978 Novola Zafiro

CD reissue: 2000 RCA (Zafiro/BMG)

Packaging details: At least the CD is 100% legit, from the master tapes and the original label. Otherwise, it's a bit of a disappointment (no liner notes, bonus tracks, etc..). Typical of reissues from Spain unfortunately. And like many Spanish albums, the original LP is worth owning for the quality and the cover - and I certainly kept mine.

Notes: In 2001, I wrote the following for Gnosis: "1978 was Spain's boom year in terms of progressive rock music, and Grupo N.H.U. met the challenge head on. One of the finest from the Spanish progressive scene, Grupo N.H.U. contains everything that made the Spanish scene so special. Strong compositions marked by many changes. Fat keyboards, loud acid guitar, and a complex, exciting rhythm section make up the centerpiece of the group. An excellent vocalist and a strong fusion edge a la Mahavishu Orchestra rounds out one of the true bona-fide classics of the Spanish scene. An absolute must hear. "

Gosh, do I have anything to add? Perhaps a bit more psychedelic space rock oriented than I implied above. You know, it's not really a typical Spanish release, in the sense that it lacks indigenous qualities - qualities which were still in abundance in late 1970's Spain. Final smokin' fusion track reminds me of primo Crucis (Argentina). N.H.U. stands for Noche Hermosa Una (A Beautiful Night).

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