Cosmic Invention – Help Your Satori Mind. 1997 Japan

Cosmic Invention – Help Your Satori Mind. 1997 The Now Sound (USA CD)

Cosmic Invention were a supergroup made up of Japan's finest astral travelers such as Ghost, White Heaven, Subvert Blaze and Overhang Party. Despite the heritage, Cosmic Invention were remarkably restrained - thus recalling the 1970's Kosmische Kourier sound more so than the mostly nauseous 90's guitar fuzz overload the above mentioned names are likely to invoke (other than maybe Ghost). And this is a good thing for the UTR. Cosmic Invention seemed to have mastered the best of Can, Emtidi and the Galactic Supermarket, while the title track is a definite nod to the 1970's hard progressive rock of the Flower Travellin' Band.

This one received good reviews and a bit of indie press back when it came out (and when I purchased it). Today the album is largely forgotten. That's too bad.

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