Acqua Fragile – s/t. 1973 Italy

Given that Acqua Fragile sing in English, their sound is more typical of the UK progressive rock movement (elements of Genesis, Yes, and Gentle Giant are obvious). Despite that, I still find both Acqua Fragile albums appealing - and Lanzetti has a unique voice that served PFM well for many years afterward. So perhaps not a good representative of what we have come to know as classic Italian prog, but taken on its own accord, it holds up well, similar to Cherry Five in that way.

Personal Collection
LP: 1973 Numero Uno
CD: 2004 BMG (Japan)

The original LP comes in a cool four sectioned poster cover as does the Japanese LP reissue from 1980. I managed to secure an original from a mail order dealer in the early 90s, and that was my first copy. Eventually I also secured the Japanese LP, but sold it. Since I had the LP,  I was slow to pick up the CD and didn't gobble one up until the Japanese mini came out in 2004. And that's worth having for the cover alone. I traded the original LP at that point, regretted the decision (though it was a great deal for me, getting the Bubu in a straight trade - an album that is far more expensive today), and have recently secured another one, and in better condition! I really had no intention of obtaining the Esoteric CD, but ended up with it by accident. So I might as well keep both I figure. Update: And I've now decided to part with the Esoteric version despite the excellent liner notes. I know that Esoteric gets some crap for their sound quality, but this one matches up fine.

Last update: August 5, 2017

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