Acqua Fragile - Mass-Media Stars. 1974 Italy

Acqua Fragile - Mass-Media Stars. 1974 Dischi Ricordi; 1974 Import Records (USA)

CD reissues: 1991 Contempo; 2007 BMG (Japan mini-LP); 2011 Sony; 2011 Esoteric (UK)

LP reissue: 1979 King (Japan)

Release details: Earlier this month I featured Esoteric's reissue of Acqua Fragile's debut. To be honest, I had intended to get this title instead, but wasn't paying attention and grabbed the first one. I already had that one in the four poster Japanese mini-LP, so I was content and was looking to get the Esoteric album in the future as a supplement. Well I certainly did that- just way ahead of schedule! Anyway, here we are with their second album Mass Media Stars.

---MMS is one of the earliest Italian progressive rock albums I ever bought, and was included in a pile of albums I bought in a small record store in the DFW area in the mid 1980s. It was the US Import copy of course, and not terribly rare, but I was just starting to collect European progressive rock and so I picked it up cheap (I picked up everything cheap back then - I barely had any money!). That same day I also bought a couple other Italian albums: Arti+Mestieri's "Tilt" on Cramps - and the big find, yet at the time I had no idea what it was - Il Balletto di Bronzo's "Ys" (the original with the libretto booklet - an album that will most certainly be buried with me). So unfortunately for Acqua Fragile, their album wasn't the one that wowed me that day when I returned home to the stereo. Eventually I sold the LP copy, and recently realized I never bought the CD! Well good timing on Esoteric's part! As I'm rather certain this is the best CD version of the album. (update: And I've now secured an Italian original LP as well!)

Notes: As I said in the CDRWL, let's hope that Esoteric continues with Italian progressive rock albums, and doesn't stop with only the English language ones (which are very few in any case). While BTF / AMS of Italy have done a good job on many titles - there are plenty more that could use a better reissue.

Last update: February 22, 2015

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