Can - The Peel Sessions. 1973-1975 Germany (archival)

For me, the single best Can album, even though it's an archival live compilation. Encompassing the years from 1973 - 1975, we catch Can at their most inventive, entirely within an instrumental mindset. Only the near 19 minute opener features the familiar Damo ranting, and even then, the majority of the track features an overt instrumental jamming motif. Otherwise it's psychedelic guitar, organ, bass and drum jams - wild, woolly and unpredictable - exactly what you would want to hear from a Krautrock legend. Well, OK true, Karoli puts in a few words on Geheim, but it's easy to overlook. A phenomenal anthology of work. A must own CD.

Personal collection
CD: 1995 Strange Fruit

Worth noting that there are 2LP reissues floating about on the "Strange Fruit" label, but it appears they are pirate editions. So be careful out there! Stick with the CD and never look back.

Scarecrew - Magical Mind. 1975 Germany

Scarecrew - Magical Mind. 2006 Ricochet Dream (1975 archival recording)

Sounding like a lost recording by the Cosmic Jokers clan, Scarecrew offer up another glimpse into the creative mind process of some of Krautrock’s visionaries. With Steve Shroyder (Tangerine Dream) on keyboards, and John L (Ash Ra Tempel) providing his usual anguished cosmic prayer calls, this is certain to satisfy fans of Ash Ra Tempel’s “Schwingungen”. The enchanting female vocals instantly recall Gilles Zeitschiff’s “Sternenmadchen” album or some of the echoed phrases by the Galactic Supermarket. Scarecrew were a 6 piece group and features no less than five guest appearances. The recording, while not ready for the Cosmic Courier label, is certainly well preserved. By 1975, this scene was pretty much dead and buried. But as this reel demonstrates, it appears they just went back into the underground, where it seems so natural. CD is on the Ricochet Dream label (in a limited edition of 300), based here in the US.

Skywhale - The World at Mind's End. 1977 England

Skywhale's sole album is one of the rare non-Canterbury UK fusion albums that sound more in line with what was happening over the Chan...