The Smell of Incense - Of Ullages and Dottles. 2007 Norway

The Smell of Incense - Of Ullages and Dottles. 2007 September Gurls (Germany)

CD issue: 2007 September Gurls (Germany)

The Smell of Incense are a Norwegian psychedelic folk rock band, who incorporate both modern and older 1970's influences in their sound. They released two wonderful albums in the 1990s and seemed to have disappeared into the ether. So this 2007 release was quite a surprise when released, and I think it's still flying under the radar, as most of the ratings sites out there show far less activity for "Of Ullages and Dottles" than their earlier albums. I will say their newest album eschews some of the more modern electronica aspects for a more purified psych folk rock sound - so dyed-in-the-wool late 60s fans will most likely find this the best of the 3 albums.

Love the album cover!

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