Serge Bringolf Strave - s/t. 1980 France

Drummer and bandleader Bringolf put together the 10 piece Strave outfit that sounds somewhat like a big band version of Magma. Trombone, trumpet, sax, violin, vibraphone, bass, and flute represent the instruments utilized along with wordless voice. No keyboards or guitar, which is unusual for a group with any kind of rock context, such as this (even though the scales are clearly tipped towards a jazz sound). Their debut was originally released as a double LP, and features 4 very long tracks - all of which fit nicely onto this one CD. A unique band in the Zeuhl world.

Personal collection
CD: 2011 Soleil Zeuhl

The original is a double LP. I owned it for a few years and sold it through one of my lists in the late 1990s. I may have regretted that, but this CD fills that void and then some. Most assuredly I would have sold the LP after getting this CD. And it's fantastic with great sound, liner notes, photos, etc...


  1. By mere coincidence, I was revisiting this LP yesterday. The arrangements are so ritch that reming me in texture, apart from the obvious MAGMA comparisons, also the second ART ZOYD album. "Vision" (1981) is also a great sequel to this; both they could meke a great two-in-one set like the VORTEX edition.

    ...but I guess I'm daydreaming...

  2. I agree Sypros, that Vision may even be better. Soleil Zeuhl did announce their intention to reissue it, so I'm guessing we'll see it in 2012. Perhaps thy could couple if with their live album, which wasn't quite up to par - and would make a good extra disc. Good observation on the Art Zoyd comparison. That's my favorite AZ too.

    Thanks for the comments as always!


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