Poobah - Let Me In. 1972 USA

Poobah - Let Me In. 1972 Peppermint

CD reissue: 2010 Ripple

Packaging details: Originals are a typical single sleeve with thick cardboard, that lends itself easily to ringwear. Expect to pay in the median range of about $400 for a nice original. I traded for a bootleg LP of this many years ago and I still have it even though I no longer buy or trade for pirate editions. So I was glad to finally see a legit CD show up on the landscape. And it's a good one with 12 bonus tracks, lyrics, and unseen photos from the high quality Ripple label. And what a cover, eh?

Notes: Poobah are perhaps the best example of the hard working, musically competent – but unsigned – 1970s Midwest rock group. Hailing from Youngstown, OH, Poobah possessed a rare talent in guitarist Jim Gustafson, who could jam with the best of them. They managed 3 self-released albums spanning from 1972 through to 1979 (though they recorded even more in the interim periods). “Let Me In” is a raw, but very powerful, hard rock album and can easily be seen as the blueprint for which most Midwest rock albums sound like. The sketch of a drunk puking across the bathroom is the perfect metaphor for the “life of an Ohioan rock n roller”.

Favorite track: Bowleen
Favorite bonus track from the Ripple CD: Make a Man Outta You


  1. Greetings from POOBAH and thanks ! There are now, 13 Poobah albums released by the band. More guitar than allowed by law !


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