High Tide - s/t. 1970 England

High Tide - s/t. 1970 Liberty

CD reissues: 1994 Repertoire (Germany); 2006 Eclectic; 2010 Esoteric

LP reissue: 1984 Psycho

Packaging details: I first owned this album via the Repertoire CD. I have since upgraded to the 2006 Eclectic / Esoteric version which contains 4 bonus tracks with unique liner notes and unseen photos. A great reissue.

Notes: High Tide are well known UK heavy instrumental rock group with powerful guitar and violin leads. The Eclectic / Esoteric CD is a must own just to hear the near 16 minute "The Great Universal Protection Racket", which was recorded with the same sessions as the others on the album and was a last minute cut due to time constraints. And it's as strong as the other material, maybe even a little better.


  1. sea shanties is also a great album - normski willington quay wallsend

    1. No arguments from me! I just never got around to reviewing it... :-)


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