Free System Projekt - Moyland. 2005 Netherlands

Free System Projekt is yet another band we're featuring here that comes from the Tangerine Dream retro movement, that is found more predominantly in the UK, but also has a huge following in the Netherlands as well. When Tangerine Dream moved in a different direction following their "Virgin" years after 1983, no one really took the baton and ran with it. Now that doesn't mean electronic music died. Not even close. There were tons of other artists operating in this field, almost all of them solo acts, and none had the massive amount equipment that Tangerine Dream possessed (other than maybe Klaus Schulze of course). And as any fan of classic Tangerine Dream will tell you, it's a style of music that has many possibilities. The key to success is not only a large amount of both old and new keyboard toys, but it also helps to have more than one band mate - for the synergy of ideas that multiple people can create.

The big names in the Tangerine Dream renaissance are the British bands: Radio Massacre International, Redshift, AirSculpture, Under the Dome, Arc and many more. And the main representative in Holland is Free System Projekt. And truth be told, FSP are probably the most sycophantic to the original T Dream sound (especially the Baumann trio years). But it's still highly original music within the confines of the style. It's as if someone uncovered numerous more Tangerine Dream recordings from 1974-1977. You can't wrong with a Free System Projekt album, at least of the ones I've heard, and that's most of them. Moyland is but only one great example. If you love complicated sequences, with mellotron overlays and wild synth soloing - the Free System Projekt is for you.

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CD: 2005 Quantum

Last listen: 2010

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