Deadwood Forest - Mellodramatic. 1999 USA

Deadwood Forest - Mellodramatic. 1999 Shroom (CD)

When Anglagard blew through the progressive rock world in 1992 with their debut album Hostbris, it wouldn't take long for other bands to hop on the train and try something similar. Austin, Texas based Deadwood Forest took it a step further, and recruited Anglagard drummer Mattias Olsson to produce their second album. Anglagard themselves had played once in Houston in 1993, giving the respective groups a common thread. Mellodramatic is one of the more successful attempts at achieving the classic progressive rock sound. Primarily played on analog gear, including gobs of the requisite mellotron. There's also quite a bit of 60s psychedelic songwriting in place, which gives it a unique bent. I personally never tire of the style, so Deadwood Forest has a place in the collection for a long time.

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