Brainstorm - Second Smile. 1973 Germany

Brainstorm - Second Smile. 1973 Spiegelei

CD reissue: 2000 Garden of Delights

Packaging details: Another album I was fortunate enough to find an original LP of in the DFW area in the 1980s. Because it was a single sleeve, and a relatively boring cover, I let it go when this wonderful CD came out. Mistake? Yea, maybe. Not a big one, but maybe I should have held onto it.  For the memories anyway. If I see it again, and the price isn't exorbitant, I'll probably buy it again (6/23/14: And I did just that - and a better copy than I had prior!). The CD is, of course, a typically great Garden of Delights reissue with liner notes, photos and short bonus track.

Notes: Having already demonstrated a brilliance on their debut album "Smile Awhile", Brainstorm returned with a superb sophomore effort, only slightly off the pace of their debut. The Canterbury influences are still very much intact, with melodic flute, sax, acoustic guitar and wordless voice offset by jamming fuzz guitar and keyboards. A playful album, but with heavy chops to offset any potential thought that this is somehow "lightweight". The only misstep is the closer 'Marilyn Monroe' (8:40), which mixes in some 50's rock n' roll with a dopey narration bit. Just long enough to keep this from a Hall of Fame rating.

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