Atman - Personal Forest. 1993 Poland

Atman - Personal Forest. 1993 Fly Music (cassette)

LP issue: 1994 Lollipop Shop (Germany)

CD issue: 1997 Drunken Fish (USA)

Atman were perhaps the original freak folk band from Eastern Europe. Personal Forest is about as psychedelic as any album ever released, and yet it's not entirely clear if that's what the band were striving for. In fact, it takes a bit to get going to be honest. It's not unusual to see folks call this a "world music" or, even worse, a "new age" album. It does start off by giving that vibe, but as the album goes deeper into the middle, or forest as it were, the album becomes incredibly intense, and is truly a trance inducing album. Voices, strange homemade and ancient instruments along with tribal drums take the listener to places formerly not discovered. All of Atman's albums are recommended, but none came close to the brilliance of Personal Forest. And that also includes the post-Atman group The Magic Carpathians.

Originally released as a cassette under the moniker Theatre of Sound Atman.

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