You - Laserscape. 1986 Germany

Very recently I announced on the CDRWL that the first two You albums - Electric City and Time Code were being reissued by Bureau B. This literally happened within a month after I purchased the long out of print 5 CD set from Cue called Era. I was only familiar with these first 2 albums, and had Bureau B come along a little sooner, I would have been content to only pick up these CDs, and maybe check out the other discs if and when I had the opportunity. Well, anyway, it was too late so I eventually dived into the third disc Wonders from the Genetic Factory (1984). It seemed my worst fears were surfacing. Bouncy beats are the order of the day and I figured that Le Parc and Optical Race era Tangerine Dream is what I was in store for. I know a lot of electronic music fans love that style, I just don't happen to be one of them. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool old schooler who wants him some Rubycon!

About a month later, it was time to tackle the 4th disc Laserscape and get it over with. I mean, really, Laserscape? I can already hear the computer generated beats. And the dull picture of a modern Germany city - isn't that exciting? And, perhaps worst of all, the 80's style IBM created computer font that was utilized on the front cover. Oh boy, this is going to suck bad isn't it?


You's 4th effort is quite possibly one of the best 1980's era electronic albums I've heard. Not saying that's a high bar to hurdle, especially when compared to the great EM albums of the 70s and 90s - but this one is a true shocker. OK, it's not Tangerine Dream's Logos, but it competes at the top with just about everything else from the decade in this musical genre. For the most part, the computer drum kit was stored in the virtual closet (turned off), and the mellotrons and sequencers are in full force. And two of the tracks feature classical acoustic guitar, which is exactly the kind of variety most EM acts of the 80s didn't strive for. The dark ambient moods recall late 70's Klaus Schulze. This is a very thoughtful work, with many ideas and changes embedded throughout.

So now I'm very glad to own the 5 CD set. Not surprisingly I revisited the formerly shunned third You album with a new perspective, and predictably I now have a different viewpoint of it as well.

Personal collection
CD: 1996 Cue

The above CD is part of a 5 CD set called Era.


  1. I haven't heard the album yet. Found it looking for synth modules I can't afford. I was lucky enough to be at the recording of Logos. I'd love to have seen td on 77 and klaus anytime between 77 and 81. Back to my search. Thanks

  2. Hi, Tom:

    Deutsche reissue specialist label Bureau B must be reading your blog:

    Reissue from 1986CD, LP (180 g), DL. Out August 23, 2013
    The Krefeld duo YOU played their way into the elite of the German electronic music scene with their first two albums "Electric Day" (1979) and "Time Code" (1983). The music on "Laserscape" (1986) was conceived to accompany the laser performances of the same name by Horst H. Baumann. And that's what it sounds like: multilayered drones, up to 13 minutes long, evocative of Blade Runner's menacing atmosphere, sometimes laced with driving, pulsating sequences, typical of the so-called Berlin School (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze etc).

  3. Cool! Thanks for letting me know Eric.


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