Transit Express – Couleurs Naturelles. 1977 France

Transit Express – Couleurs Naturelles. 1977 RCA

CD reissue: 2001 Piano Bass Music; 2009 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

Packaging details: The Piano Bass CD is a straight reissue with no bonus tracks or liner notes, but features really GREAT sound. I hadn't heard this album until the CD came out. And it appears it's quite rare now. The Japanese CD fills the void in the marketplace, but I have no intention of swapping out the PBM version.

Notes: This is the 3rd and last album from Transit Express. On "Couleurs Naturelles" they are basically a tight fusion group with David Rose's violin in the lead role. But it's not quite that simple - and Transit Express can hardly be accused of being just another late 70s fusion band. No - this is some seriously thought out material, with quite a bit of original arrangements. And there's no denying the Zeuhl undertone here, especially apparent in the grinding bass lines and heavy drum work. Acoustic guitar and violin provide the unique melodic structure. And one shouldn't ignore the blazing electric lead guitar from Christian Leroux either. Highlights include the dramatic "Visite du Manoir" (7:14) and the hauntingly beautiful piano and violin driven "Au Dela du Mirior" (5:54). The album finishes in strong fashion with a variety of very short tracks in the 2 to 3 minute range - all clearly influenced by the Zeuhl fusion school.

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