Gomorrha - I Turned to See Whose Voice it Was. 1972 Germany

For the 3rd album on the legendary Brain label, the very cleverly titled I Turned to See Whose Voice it Was (referencing the Biblical story of Lot's wife no doubt), I can recommend this one easily. Now this is true hard styled Krautrock. The kind of album where fans of complex progressive rock go scratching their heads wondering what the big deal is. It's underground rock, baby. Nothing more than simple blues rock motifs, gruff vocals, pounding drums, organ shards, and the cherry topping is the long stretches of fuzzy guitar solos, all played at "11" of course. And since it's on Brain, naturally Conny Plank was at the controls, so you can expect all sorts of echoing, phasing, and every other studio trick that just plain sounds cool. So while not necessarily memorable, it is the kind of album that sounds great while playing it. And really, isn't that when it matters most? So strap your seat belt on, plug in your air guitar, and get ready to jam. Best track is 'I Try to Change This World' (9:31). According to the liner notes of the Repertoire CD, this was it for the band, and they quit music and went into the workforce. A pity really.

Personal Collection
LP: 1973 Brain
CD: 1997 Repertoire
LP: 2013 Long Hair

Originals come in a fine gatefold cover. Apparently the original press comes in a non-laminate cover with spelling mistakes in the inner gatefold.  The second press (1973) fixes these while laminating the cover. Apparently most of these laminates have peeled through the years. This is the version I own and can validate this finding. The CD on Repertoire is excellent, as were all of their Brain releases, with unique liner notes, photos, etc...  The Long Hair LP adds new liner notes.

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