D.F.A. - Duty Free Area. 1999 Italy

D.F.A. - Duty Free Area. 1999 Mellow (CD)

CD reissue: 2007 Moonjune (as Kaleidoscope with Lavori in Corso) (USA)

DFA play what I'd call counterpoint fusion with a space rock edge. They should trademark their sound, as I can't think of anyone who sounds quite like them. A little bit like Deus Ex Machina maybe, in their most intensive instrumental sections. The often jagged rhythms seem to create a sense of urgency, when it is really a facade. But it's a great trick, and keeps me completely immersed into the music. Top that off with some vicious solos right out of the space rock school, perhaps even with a modern bent ala Ozric Tentacles. It seemed the band called it a day right after this album, and a live NearFest concert. But fortunately the band arose again in 2008 with another great album in their instantly recognizable style.

This re-post is dedicated to keyboardist Alberto Bonomi, who tragically died in a car crash this past weekend. My prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr. Bonomi.

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