Radio Massacre International - Knutsford in May. 1997 England

The hardest part about writing on Radio Massacre International, is that they have so many doggone great albums, it's near impossible to determine what is great from what is really great. If you're a fan of the Berlin School of electronic music (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, etc...), and you like sequencers, mellotron and electric guitars (and even real drums on later albums) - then do not wait another second - don't walk, but run out, and buy at least one RMI album. You almost cannot go wrong, though as I said in the prelude, there is a bit of separation on their respective titles. Knutsford in May is one of their can't miss titles for fans of the genre. This one has more than its share of mellotron and guitars, and while listening to this you'll feel like someone dropped you into Edgar Froese's studio circa 1975. RMI have completely mastered the style, and if you're looking for a starting place - Knutsford in May is as good as any.

Personal collection
CD: 1997 Centaur

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