Deus Ex Machina - s/t. 1993 Italy

I feel sometimes that this album, Deus Ex Machina's second offering, is the forgotten work in their canon. Since much of their live repertoire is taken from this album, it appears to contain their strongest material from a composition standpoint - at least as the band sees it. The execution isn't as crisp, and the sound quality isn't dynamic (a bit of a flat digital sound - typical of early 1990s albums). Singer Alberto Piras demonstrates here what a force he was to become. A very good album that has aged well and I feel a slight improvement on their chaotic and unfocused debut.

Personal collection
CD: 1993 Kaliphonia

I purchased this one upon release. Nowadays quite rare (as I update this in 2018), and it appeared a repress was on the way. But that now looks to be tabled.

Last listen: April 13, 2018

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