Toshiaki Yokota & The Beat Generation - Flute Adventure. 1971 Japan

Yokota was the flutist on the Love Live Life + 1 album (I always presumed he was the "+ 1" but I'm not sure of that). He was also a guest on Kimio Mizutani's excellent A Path Through Haze as well as Hiro Yanagida's Milk Time. Yokota was definitely embedded in the Japanese underground brain-scorched Rat Pack that's for sure.

Flute Adventure is a mix of flute based underground acid psych and ethnic woodwind journeys, drizzled with a dash of cocktail lounge. So yes, a little Yatha Sidhra, a little Bjorn J:Son Lindh, some Jeremy Steig, even a smattering of Herbie Mann – all through the Ohr label aesthetic of phased out head exploders like Annexus Quam. And it’s a full band effort, not just an album with solo flute. No, this one has plenty of fuzz guitar and tribal percussion to add to the frenzied party. Absolutely essential for the freakshow hidden deep within you.

Personal collection
CD: 2007 King

Interesting to note that all the tracks are in either French or Portuguese (thanks Isabel!).

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