Naked Lunch - s/t. 1969-1970; 1972 USA (archival)

* 1. Love is Everywhere 3:10 (1969)
* 2. Changes 5:41 (1969)
3. Endless Night 4:09 (1969)
* 4. Virgin Woman 5:17 (1969)
* 5. Ozone 5:21 (1969)
6. Your Song / Time Trip 6:29 (1970 - live)
* 7. Encore 4:21 (1970 - live)
8. All I Want To Do 3:11 (1972 - Banda de Jesus)
9. Better Days 3:47 (1972 - Banda de Jesus)
* 10. Lovely Day 5:57 (1972 - Banda de Jesus)
* 11. Livin' is Funky 4:50 (1972 - Banda de Jesus)
12. Ozone 4:48 (1970 - live)

San Francisco based Latin rock / horn rock hybrid that is absolutely sublime. No question the Santana influences here, though the band were in reality peers of Carlos rather than followers. The brass rock component gives us a view into another window that wasn't explored much on vinyl during the era, at least when talking Santana inspired acid rock. This may be the closest we ever get to hear the "Chicago meets Santana" sound, such as found on 2), 5) & 7). This band should have been huge, but as happens so often, the breaks just weren't there. 1) features a superb horn break and the melody reminds me of the group The Ides of March. It's exactly the kind of song that was a hit in its era, but for whatever reason, Naked Lunch didn't get their break. 4) displays a frenetic guitar solo. 8) - 11) are from the successor band Banda de Jesus, named after the band leader's surname, is a bit more upbeat, poppy and lyrically more predictable. Perhaps not an ideal addition, though musically not as far removed as it may first appear. The music actually reminds me more of a band like Malo, and features some lively horn breaks such as on 10). The sound quality is noticeably better, especially when the CD backtracks to the live 12), which sounds worse here than had it naturally followed 7).

Personal collection
CD: 2009 World in Sound (Germany)

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