V.A. - Concert '71. 1971 Germany

1. Waniyetula - Light My Fire 7:37
2. Waniyetula - Lindis Farne 8:38
3. Stoke - BMW 4:55
4. Homunculus - Rainbow 3:17
5. Abraham - Turban 17:13
6. Nice Noise - Abraxas 5:48

As for titles, it's as simple as they come. Yes folks, this is Concert '71. In today's search engine world, it's a researcher's nightmare, but I'm sure in 1971 Germany it made perfect sense. That's what it is, right?

1) and 2) were reissued on Waniyetula's A Dream Within a Dream CD from Garden of Delights. 1) is the familiar Doors' tune, of course, and the jazzy flute mid-section adds a new twist. 2) is a loose instrumental jam, with a cosmic space rock edge. The overall recording is a tad better than bootleg quality, so many of the effects are lost I'm afraid.

Apparently Waniyetula were the big draw for the time, and they did manage two albums in their lifetime, one under the name of Galaxy ("Nature's Clear Well"). I won't pretend I know anything about the other groups here, but here are my thoughts on the music presented:

3) Is a raw rocker no doubt pissing about the elite classes roaming around in their German luxury automobiles. Vocals are bad, but the guitar melody and solo is pretty good. Crowd seemed to like it anyway.

4) Contains a heavy guitar riff and a very old organ that must have been left behind at some US army base. Homunculus' vocalist is even worse than Stoke's. Straight rock song, with an OK guitar solo break. The recording quality is really horrid to be honest.

5) At a length of 17 minutes, I have to admit Abraham is the band I was most looking forward to hearing. And it didn't let me down. What a sloppy mess of a psych jam. I think there's a sax in the background, but he's completely drowned out by the effects laden guitar. Some wordless male vocals make an appearance that are barely audible. OK, winds guy switched to flute and the higher tone allows us to hear it a bit better. Wow, the recording seems to be getting worse. All we hear is rhythm guitar while the sax is wailing somewhere back there, but we really can't hear what he's up to. Heck with that says Mr. Guitarist as he begins to do his own psychedelic wailing. Doing a hell of a job at it too. Song (loosely speaking) goes on too long of course but they miraculously didn't have one drum solo. I hope this is one of those bands sitting on some cool studio material that Long Hair or Garden of Delights will surprise us with one day. Abraham have demonstrated plenty of potential here.

6) Must have asked Homunculus to leave their organ on the stage. Oh dear, Nice Noise is covering Santana, medley-style, with this 1960s soap opera organ and light jazz tone guitar. You'll need lots of bratwursts and beer to survive this one I'm afraid. Crowd gives polite applause while by now laughing themselves to death.

If you see this album for sale, no doubt being hawked at very high prices, just leave it. There's nothing here.

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