Iconoclasta - Suite Mexicana / Soliloquio. 1987 Mexico

Iconoclasta - Suite Mexicana / Soliloquio. 1987 Discos Rosenbach

CD reissues: 1991 Art Sublime (USA - LP gatefold jacket); 1997 Sol & Deneb.

Packaging details: Both CD reissues include the "Suite Mexicana" EP. I bought the original LP from Wayside upon release. However I sold it as soon as the Art Sublime CD came out in 1991. Art Sublime was the pioneer of the LP jacket CD reissue. This is a concept that never caught on, and that's a pity. While I love the Japanese mini-LP, which is a perfect miniature of the original LP - these LP jacket reissues were the real thing, but with a specially made insert that cradled the CD. Sort of the difference between O Gauge and HO I guess. If you wanted the CD for car/portable use, you could always stick it in a slim case, or any generic sleeve. Other than close partner Syn-Phonic, no one else gave the format much notice, and the concept seems to have gone extinct. Bummer. Oh well, I'm keeping it! The Art Sublime CD also comes with a nice full sized 2 page (front and back) foldout insert, with a lengthy discussion around the LP sized jacket (in English and Spanish). Also features a beautiful black and white surreal sketching. The gatefold inner features the original cover art for Suite Mexicana as well as a brief history of the band (also in English and Spanish).

---Suite Mexicana---
1. Mestizaje (26-A-1)
2. Revolución en 6/8

3. Cuando La Música Era Espiritual Y No Física O El Adivino Del Último Periodo De Paz
4. Solo Tu Fruto
*5. 7:19
*6. Soliloquio

Iconoclasta were probably Mexico's #1 progressive rock export in the 1980s and a big part of the style's revival in that country. 1) and 2) are from an EP that was released three months ahead of the LP proper, and feature traditional instruments and melodies amongst the usual rock instrumentation. I would like to call out guitarist Ricardo Ortegon, who puts in an exceptional performance on both these albums. 5) adds flute with fine results. 6) is the requisite "side long" track, and allows the instrumentalists to shine with longer solo sections, including guest saxophone. Iconoclastic has a distinct 80s compressed sound, that is all their own.

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