Heldon - II: Allez-Teia, 1975 France

Heldon - II: Allez-Teia. 1975 Disjuncta / Urus

CD reissues: 1992 Cuneiform (USA); 1992 Spalax; 2005 Captain Trip (Japan mini-LP); 2012 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

LP reissue: 2009 Wah Wah (Spain)

Release details: I bought the original LP (on Urus) in the mid 1980s, and I still own it. Later on I picked up the Cuneiform version only to be replaced by the mini-LP on Captain Trip. These mini's were directly licensed from Cuneiform and sold through their Wayside mail order channel.

*1. In the Wake of King Fripp
2. Aphanisis
*3. Omar Diop Blondin
4. Moebius
*5. Fluence
a. Continuum Mobile
b. Disjonction Inclusive
*6. St-Mikael Samstag am Abends
7. Michel Ettori

Continuing our trek through the Heldon catalog, we enter the famed number 2. Of all the Heldon albums, this is by far the most mellow, with a proliferation of acoustic guitar calming down the proceedings just a little. The subversive feel of the debut is maintained throughout however, and anarchy seems just around the corner. Deep, heavy, thoughtful music. While heavily influenced by Robert Fripp, Professor Pinhas was trekking down an individual path, and is now considered a legend in his own right. A lot of name dropping in the track titles, something that became vogue in the 2000s, but wasn't as common in the 70s. Amongst the more obscure, 5) references Pascale Comelade, where Pinhas was featured heavily on the self-named album for the Pole label. While 7) references the sometimes Heldon guitarist. A highly regarded album and rightly so. The real underground of the 70s is featured here.

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