Gualberto - Vericuetos. 1976 Spain

Gualberto - Vericuetos. 1976 Movieplay

CD reissues: 1994 Lost Vinyl/ Fonomusic; 1997 Fonomusic; 2003 DRO EastWest; 2004 Fonomusic

LP reissues: 197? Movieplay; 2004 DRO EastWest

Vericuetos is a Spanish progressive rock classic. Borrowing heavily from the music of India and regional Spain (Andalusia especially), Gualberto incorporates these sounds with a classic Anglo progressive rock perspective for a truly unique blend. Gualberto's guitar style is soulful and rocks hard in places. He also contributes quite a bit of sitar for this album. Plenty of violin and String Synthesizer as well. A must discovery.

The original on Movieplay is housed in a fine gatefold cover, typical of the classic Spanish scene (there's also a single sleeve cover for this one, which I sold off many years ago). I currently own this LP along with the first CD version (1994) which was a co-production of Lost Vinyl and Fonomusic. The latter is the continuation of what was formerly Movieplay. The CD is a basic jewel case with no info beyond the original LP notes. I've also owned the 1997 Fonomusic CD, which is exactly the same - including the mastering. I have not heard the last couple of reissues.

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