Ville Emard Blues Band - Ville Emard. 1975 Canada

Ville Emard Blues Band - Ville Emard. 1975 Funkebec

CD reissue: 2004 ProgQuebec

Packaging details: Titled "Complete VEBB au complet 1973 - 1975" and is a 2 CD set with first album "Live à Montréal"

Notes: Fresh on the heels of the Kaczynski album, here's another ProgQuebec reissue. Ville Emard Blues Band was a very large ensemble that was yet another band built around the foundation of Contraction / Franck Dervieux.

Today, I'm featuring only the self-titled second album, even though PQ reissued both albums, plus a 45, on one sprawling 2 CD set. I find it easier to digest taking it one disc at a time. It's a superb job all around, and I'll feature "Live à Montréal" in the future.

The album itself is very diverse, and features anything from good time bar tunes to lengthy psychedelic jams. A fine album, that comes recommended.

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