Supersister - Present From Nancy. 1970 Netherlands

Present From Nancy is a top 50 album for yours truly. At this point they were a bunch of teenagers who studied Soft Machine Volume 2 and somehow managed to improve on it. Perhaps it's the single minded focus that youth can possess, while employing a yet-to-be-disillusioned imagination. Whatever the case, Supersister distilled the best parts out of Soft Machine and Caravan, and left an artifact for the ages. Stips' keyboard playing is top notch, employing the fuzz organ as much as possible, while the remainder of the band puts the tight and complicated rhythms together behind him. Add some beautiful and melodic flute, and the soft affected vocal style that the Dutch seem to have mastered as much as the English, and you have an album that is irresistible.

Personal collection
LP: 1970 Polydor
CD: 1990 Polydor w/To the Highest Bidder

True originals are housed in a fine gatefold cover. The US press features a unique cover and is relatively scarce (second photo). The 1977 press is a single sleeve and is very common. As for CD's, I bought the low budget 2-for-1 CD back in 1990. The Esoteric CD contains full historical liner notes, and 4 bonus tracks, taken from 2 distinct 45's from 1970. The first of which contains 'She Was Naked', which is just as awesome as anything on Present From Nancy. 'Spiral Staircase' is just OK, and a bit goofy honestly. The second single includes 'Fancy Nancy' which is an awful track really. 'Gonna Take Easy' has promise but is pretty silly too. Not a good single overall. Perfect for bonus tracks however. I hate to say it, but the 2 for 1 sounds much better to my ears! So I moved out the Esoteric version.

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