Room - Pre-Flight. 1970 England

Room - Pre-Flight. 1970 Deram

CD reissues: 1990 Deram (Japan); 1994 Si-Wan (Korea); 2008 Esoteric.

Packaging details: A very rare LP in original form, the CD market pretty much existed only in Asia until Esoteric's 2008 release. Currently I own the 1994 Si-Wan press, though for certain the Esoteric release would be an upgrade.

Notes: Room are yet another band from the 1970 era with female vocals, and a jazzy/bluesy/psych sound that was all the rage at the time (Affinity, Goliath, Catapilla, Frumpy, etc...). And I love everyone one of them. Room is no different, though they added a little mini-orchestra to spruce things up. Great stuff.

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