Ricordi D'Infanzia - Io Uomo. 1973 Italy

Ricordi D'Infanzia - Io Uomo. 1973 Fonit

CD reissues: 1991 Fonit Cetra; 2004 Strange Days/Universal (Japan mini-LP)

Packaging details: The 2004 CD is licensed from Warner-Fonit. Even though I own the Japanese mini-LP, it's probably not something I would've sought out individually as a mini-LP. However, mine came with the Garybaldi box set, and for certain many of those albums are worthy of the exact miniature replica. As an original LP, it is one of the rarest of the major label albums from Italy. I'm not sure I've ever seen one offered in 25 years of collecting.

Notes: While not the ideal place to start for any fan new to the Italian progressive rock scene, Ricordi D'Infanzia is a fine example of the middle-tier of the style. It's more song-oriented than the top tier hyper imaginative albums that one can overdose on quick. But if a dedicated fan, this is one you'll want to own eventually. Great vocals with fine organ, piano and guitar work.

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