Neu! - s/t. 1972 Germany

Ah, good ole Neu! The band that neo-hipsters think invented Krautrock - or defines Krautrock. Featuring ex-Kraftwerk members, and the music is remarkably similar. In fact, Neu! defined the direction Kraftwerk were to go into before Kraftwerk themselves actually did. To be fair, Neu! were a groundbreaking group and were one of the original bands on Brain/Metronome. And as time has passed, certainly the most beloved of the original bands on the label - if not the most popular.

Personal collection
CD: 2001 Astralwerks (USA)

Despite Neu!'s immense popularity with the hipster crowd,, the band's works were only available as a bootleg for many years (ahem, early Kraftwerk is still in that same state). Then in 2001, a British label named Grönland rectified the problem. They were licensed to the popular NYC indie label Astralwerks here in the US. I believe the album is still in print and relatively easy to find.

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