Madrugada - s/t. 1974 Italy

Madrugada’s first album is a mix of light instrumental and singer songwriter material (Side 1), with more expressive and elaborate progressive rock compositions (with some wonderful Moog runs) filling the remainder. Of course, it’s the latter that holds my interest, though to be fair the melodic songs are excellent for what they are. This is a quintessential Italian sounding album, so if you’re a fan, you’ll want it for sure. Otherwise, this obviously isn’t the place to start.

Personal collection
CD: 2006 AMS / BTF

Yours truly did the "adaptation". Basically I translated the translation. On this one, it is credited to my friend Jim Hresko, but it was me who did the work. I did my best, but it was very difficult material to work with, so not sure I'm too upset about not getting the credit. I did some others for BTF, and I did get the credit, so I can't hide completely...

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