Gnidrolog - Lady Lake. 1972 England

Gnidrolog - Lady Lake. 1972 RCA

CD reissues: 1991 RCA (Japan); 1994 Si-Wan (Korea); 1999 Gnidrolog; 2009 BMG (Japan mini-LP); 2012 Esoteric

LP reissue: 1995 Si-Wan (Korea)

Packaging details: My first copy of this album goes back to the Si-Wan CD. Along the way I picked up the Si-Wan LP as well. I decided to replace both with the 2009 Japanese mini-LP. Though a single sleeve, the cover painting is highly desirable. I've ever owned or see the band's version of the CD, but the Esoteric version from 2012 would probably be the definitive version of the album. Obviously I've updated this post. :-)

Notes: I had longed questioned the quality of this album, as it seemed to be highly-touted amongst collectors worldwide, many times at the expense of the debut "In Spite of Harry's Toenail". I had always figured it was to increase the value of the album, rather than an honest assessment of the music itself. And while I still prefer the herky-jerkiness of the debut, I've come to the realization that "Lady Lake" is indeed a fine work. It's not as immediately apparent for someone who is as meter focused as I tend to be, but yet there's a maturity and depth that I missed in my overanxious youth. In fact, the album ties in well with other top level UK albums like Raw Material and Spring - other works that took awhile for me to appreciate. Now I can't get enough of this peculiar breed of UK rock from the early 1970s. The addition of a woodwinds player also helps considerably.

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