Gnidrolog - Lady Lake. 1972 England

I had longed questioned the quality of this album, as it seemed to be highly-touted amongst collectors worldwide, many times at the expense of the debut In Spite of Harry's Toenail. I had always figured it was to increase the value of the album, rather than an honest assessment of the music itself. And while I still prefer the herky-jerkiness of the debut, I've come to the realization that Lady Lake is indeed a fine work. It's not as immediately apparent for someone who is as meter focused as I tend to be, but yet there's a maturity and depth that I missed in my overanxious youth. In fact, the album ties in well with other top level UK albums like Raw Material and Spring - other works that took awhile for me to appreciate. Now I can't get enough of this peculiar breed of UK rock from the early 1970s. The addition of a woodwinds player also helps considerably.

Personal collection
LP: 1972 RCA
CD: 2009 BMG (Japan)

Jan 2018 update: Obtained the original LP. And a beautiful copy it is!

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