Focus - Focus 3. 1972 Netherlands

Focus - Focus 3. 1972 Polydor. Also released on Sire (USA)

CD reissues / Packaging details: There are dozens, including Japan minis, but I still have the original 1988 IRS pressing. I see no reason to replace it, as it has unique liner notes and a great sound. Maybe if Esoteric reissued it, I would consider an upgrade. Maybe. As for the LP, I prefer the US die-cut version on Sire rather than the yellowish picture of Van Leer on the flute. It's very rare the US release will trump the original, but I feel this one did.

Notes: Like the Eloy we posted yesterday, a relatively well known title that the UMR enthusiastically recommends. Focus were at the peak of their career here with Akkerman's blazing solos, and Van Leer's flute and organ forays. 26 minute long jam "Anonymous 2" needed to be trimmed down by about half, with the annoying drum solo sucking the life out of the disc by the end.

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