Charles Kaczynski - Lumiere de la Nuit. 1979 Canada

Charles Kaczynski - Lumiere de la Nuit. 1979 private

CD reissue: 2006 ProgQuebec

Packaging details: Kaczynski's sole album has always been hard to find, even in Montreal, so the ProgQuebec reissue is a treat for sympho fans everywhere. I did own the original, but it's difficult to find one in excellent to mint condition, and I sold it after getting the CD, with no regrets. Worth noting that there is an English titled version called "Light of Night" that is considerably more rare than the French version (6/23/14: which I now own on LP as well)

Notes: Charles Kaczynski is a one man orchestra, who released this one beautiful, rich symphonic album with violin as the lead instrument. Another classic ProgQuebec reissue.

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