Ash Ra Tempel - The Private Tapes Vol. 3. 1971, 1973-1974

Ash Ra Tempel - The Private Tapes Vol. 3. 1996 Manikin. Recordings from 1971-1974.

This is the first of the legendary 6 volumes we're featuring that Manikin unleashed on the public in 1996. They came out in the late Spring while I was backpacking through Spain in 1996. When I arrived home, I was told about it. The retail price was $100, and I was a bit short on cash from my trip. I went ahead and got them anyway, at the encouragement of some friends, who all knew I was a big fan of the band. Thank goodness, as this set is known to go for ten times the price I paid. Manikin reissued a 2 CD compilation, but for some reason these 6 CDs remain without another reissue. I'm just glad I bought them when I did.

The tracks on this CD:

There are three Gottsching solo guitar tracks from 1973. These were all in preparation for the "Starring Rosi" album and pre-date the concept he'd use eventually on "Inventions for Electric Guitar".

One lengthy 27 minute track from 1974 with Lutz Ulbrich from Agitation Free and later a member of the Ashra trio with drummer Harald Grosskopf. It's a long spacey track focused on keyboards, but with some fine guitar work as well. Relates closest to "Le Berceau Du Cristal", an album we've already featured here.

The final track is a 32 minute freakout jam from 1971 along the lines of the debut album called "Le Bruit des Origines"

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