Triana - El Patio. 1975 Spain

Triana - El Patio. 1975 Movieplay

CD reissues: 1988 Fonomusic; 2003 Fonomusic; 2003 Warner Bros. (USA)

LP reissue: 1984 Fonomusic

Packaging details: The original is a beautiful gatefold LP, and there are two original pressings from 1975 (I'm not sure of the differences). For years I thought I had an original, until I looked carefully. My goodness, it's a very obscure 1984 pressing! The cover feels very much like a 1970s product, and it probably is. My guess is they had extra covers and so they made new pressings to meet demand (Triana were very popular in Spain). Now I need to get the original vinyl. D'oh! (1/5/2013 update: I took care of business here, and now I own a true original!)

--- The first CD was like all of the 1980's Fonomusic CDs - very cheaply done. They made up for this with the 2003 press, which comes in a beautiful triple foldout digi-pak. There's also the bizarre US press on Warner Bros.' "Latin Essentials" series. Really? That's just crazy.

Notes: I tracked down an old review I wrote in the original Outer Music Diary, when we were still a private Yahoo Group. This is from June 5, 2005: "The flamenco prog rock movement in Spain can be traced to this album, Triana's debut. Long time dictator Franco passed away in 1975, and that event seemed to spawn a host of interesting rock groups interested in rediscovering their historical past, something Franco was loathe to promote, in fear of patriotic regionalism. Triana was so popular in their native Spain, that it wouldn't be too unusual to find a well played cassette in grandma's closet. Dramatic Arabian vocals, fuzz guitar, mellotron, organ, Moog and plenty of great flamenco guitar. Fantastic compositions all the way through. There are two bona-fide 15's here: Track 3 `Recuerdo de Una Noche' followed immediately by `Se de un Lugar'. This is the stunning new re-master, triple FOC digipak. This is LIGHT years better sounding (not to mention the packaging) than the original cheap 80's CD press."

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  1. Certifiably a stellar outfit, this and "Hijos del Agobio" are simply outstanding; this being the better of those two, yes. So enthralling are these that I am going to pull those cherished LP's out right now.

    Although, the #1 flamenco-prog flag has to fly in the Mezquita "Recuerdos de Mi Tierra" direction for me... whooo-eee!

    Granada are also fair counterparts as well.


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