Tomorrow's Gift - s/t. 1970 Germany

Tomorrow's Gift - s/t. 1970 Plus

CD reissues: 1991 Second Battle; 1997 Second Battle

LP reissues: 1991 Second Battle. 2012 Second Battle

Packaging details: The 1997 CD is a digi-pak. After years of being OOP, Second Battle finally reissued the LP version of the album in 2012. I never owned the 1991 LP reissue, so I'm not sure how to tell the difference. One way may be the edition #, which curiously they left blank on the 2012 issue. Also the copyright date is 1995, which is after the initial reissue, so that may be another way to tell. I've never owned the original on Plus. Currently I possess the '91 CD and 2012 double LP.

Notes: Tomorrow's Gift's debut is a great example of the hard driving, proto progressive sound that flourished throughout western Europe in the early 1970s. Most of these bands featured husky female vocals in the Grace Slick or Janis Joplin manner and for instrumentation the leads were flute, guitar (usually played in a loud acid style), Hammond organ and sax. It's one of my personal favorite sub-genres of music. Some other examples of bands that play in this style are: Affinity, Fusion Orchestra, Delivery, Goliath (UK), Sandrose, Mad Curry, Julian's Treatment / Julian Jay Savarin, Circus 2000, Analogy and many more.

My only complaint is the overlong 4 minute drum solo that closes Side 2 (of 4 sides). But otherwise a corker.

Updated: November 20, 2012

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