Thirsty Moon - s/t. 1972 Germany

Thirsty Moon - s/t. 1972 Brain

CD reissue: 2006 Long Hair

Packaging details: Thirsty Moon's debut features an amazing gatefold cover of a moon spun tornado that holds up the sun and the fiery flames spell out Thirsty Moon. I've owned the LP for well over 20 years, and it would be amongst the last 20 to leave here if I was ever forced to sell my collection. For many years, this was one of the last of the great "Green Brain" albums to have not surfaced on CD, so it thrived in the bootleg market. Long Hair finally came along with an awesome reissue complete with their usual liner notes, photos, and one solid bonus track. This album would be a good candidate for an LP reissue, especially given the quality of the cover and that originals are pretty expensive nowadays.

Notes: On December 18th, 2006, I wrote for the Outer Music Diary: "For me, quite possibly the reissue of the year (along with their second You'll Never Come Back). Long Hair surprised everyone with these reissues I think. Complete with unique liner notes from the band and an independent reviewer, bonus tracks (in this case a 5:42 minute number that's highly relevant to the release) and a high quality production... ...I've had this for many years on LP, and never tire of it. Thirsty Moon play a favored style of Krautrock for me: Jazzy, improvised, heavy, intense, creative. They sound like no one particular group, but elements of similar German acts like Brainstorm, Kollektiv, Embryo, Emergency, Xhol Caravan and Missing Link are apparent. Six piece band with added percussion, two keyboardists (one dedicated to electric piano) and a reeds player. The band gels on a number of fronts, especially in energy and passion - something that is rarely captured in a bottle like this. Conny Plank's engineering is all over this too (phasing, panning, gadgetry galore). And 21.5 minute 'Yellow Sunshine' is a classic for the ages - like Missus Beastly playing in the production of the Cosmic Jokers series of albums. Yes, this is in the Top 75 albums of all time for me. Maybe even Top 50."

3+ years later I would say it makes the Top 50. Brilliant really.

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