Stray - s/t. 1970 England

My God! This has some of the most blistering guitar ever put down on vinyl. And he puts it through every effect one could find in 1970. Beyond intense. I rarely use the word underrated, as honestly how many people really rate this stuff? But dammit, if the tag don't fit here. A monster of an album. Derek Bromham plays some wicked lead here, and puts his six stringer through every effect he could get his hands on.

Personal Collection
LP: 1970 Transatlantic
LP: 197? Transatlantic
CD: 2005 Arcangelo (Japan)

Featuring a wonderful die-cut cover, Stray's debut on Transatlantic has become quite collectible over the years. I have two versions of this, one with a purple and white label (generally considered the original) and another a cream colored one with a stencil drawing. The first CD to market was Line's version. Like all their CDs, it's completely bare bones with no information. But it was legit and the only version around until 2005. So it became quite rare in its own right and thus it fell into the hands of pirates for a few years. Finally, Castle Music came to the reissue. But even better, Disc Union's Arcangelo followed right along - grabbed the license from Castle - and created a brilliant mini-LP version in all its original die-cut glory. It's not perfect as I do wish it had liner notes or other goodies, but I would never sell it in any case.

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