Rumple Stiltzken Comune - Wrong From The Beginning. 1977 Switzerland

Rumple Stiltzken Comune - Wrong From The Beginning. 1977 Artus

CD reissue: 2000 Black Rills

About the only progressive rock band I know from the Italian section of Switzerland. Despite their background, Rumple Stiltzken Comune sounds most like an English band. Especially echoes of Van der Graaf Generator and Gabriel era Genesis can be heard. While the vocals can get a little clumsy at times, the music more than makes up for it. It's quite complex, and not an easy listen. It's fully involved as they say. 4 very long and convoluted compositions. If you like your music dense and difficult, while employing the classic 70s analog rock instrumentation, then RSC is one for you to seek out. I quite enjoy the album myself.

A very obscure LP that has always been a collectable item as an original. Given the basic single sleeve design, the CD reissue is more than adequate. Like all Black Rills reissues, the CD features great sound, unique liner notes, and photos.

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