Rocky's Filj - Storie di Uomini e Non. 1973 Italy

Rocky's Filj - Storie di Uomini e Non. 1973 Ricordi

CD reissues: 2003 BMG/Ricordi (mini-LP); 2011 Sony/Ricordi

LP reissue: 2009 Sony

Rocky's Filj's sole album is a superb progressive rock album, with a strong jazz leaning. Deep grooves and head bobbing melodies are just some of the characteristics of this fine work. File along with Duello Madre and La Seconda Genesi, though Rocky's Filj is a bit closer to the sound of Arti & Mestieri at times.

Interesting to read modern reviews scoff at the dramatic vocals, but honestly that's the style of the genre. Histrionic vocals are to be expected from the early 1970s Italian progressive rock bands. Il Balletto di Bronzo's Ys and Metamorfosi's Inferno are far crazier than anything you'll hear by Rocky's Filj.

I currently own the Italian mini-LP from 2003. The CD is taken from vinyl, and at times, way too obvious at that. One of the few classic Italian prog albums not pressed in Japan in any format. It's also an original LP that continues to elude me.

Last update: January 27, 2017

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  1. Annnd... finally reissued on luscious vinyl! Sony/BMG has done a marvelous job and it is utterly delicious; same gatefold cover as orig.


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