Pulsar - Halloween. 1977 France

Pulsar is one of France's essential progressive rock groups. They were well known in their era, and enjoyed popularity up until the punk rock movement took over. Halloween is perhaps their most powerful work, with haunting melodies that contain some of the most brilliant strings and flute mellotron one can ever hear. There's also searing guitar work, dreamy vocals, militaristic drums, all of which add to the pervading melancholic feel. This is the type of music that sticks with you for days and days after only one listen. Side 1 is absolutely perfect, and for me, is one of the highlights of my entire collection. Side 2 is a bit more typical spacey prog rock (especially 'Dawn Over Darkness'), which doesn't possess the pure magic of the flip. All the same, this is still a near-masterpiece, and it's tempting to give it top marks for the one side alone. A very rich, deep, and compelling album.

Personal collection
LP: 1977 CBS
LP: 1987 Musea
CD: 2008 Arcangelo (Japan)

The LPs come in a fine gatefold. The CD is a mini-LP but is Musea's disc and features their booklet as well.


  1. Thanks to write linner notes were good, and Muséa was pionner to make such bio booklets (and add bonus tracks). I made this work from 85 to 99 being the one in Muséa who wanted to consider reissues as art objects and not like soap as many labels did it (like...) untill garden of delight and esoteric records (and less Repertoire) do it. I hope to work again on reissues for Muséa or myself soon even if downloading or illegal reissues break the rentability of reissues. I would reissue records like FALSTAFF, JOX, OCARINAH, SERGE BRINGOLF etc.. Now, I have contacted old French band NIRVANA (they have a website too) whomù music was between FLOYD, AGITATION FREE, PULSAR, MONA LISA, they made an unreleased LP, also contacted BEDJA BECHT, JOHN'S (first band to use mellotron on stage, great music but no record, only live or demo tapes, band existed bewteen 68-74. I have other plans, EIDER STELLAIRE was a plan but leader refuses reissues. Also planned VIOLON D INGRES, a band by Richard AUBERT, ex KOMINTERN, ABRACADABRA, ATOLL, tapes were made in 74 but didn't publihsed. best regards. Francis GROSSE (FG from FGBG references on musea releases)

  2. Hi Francis. Great to hear from you, and it's exciting to hear that you may be back working with reissues again. Despite the illegal crowd, there are still dedicated buyers of quality, legitimate, reissues. Maybe not as many as 15 years ago, but we're still here!

    Your contributions to Musea are sorely missed.


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