Il Balletto di Bronzo – Sirio 2222. 1970 Italy

Il Balletto di Bronzo – Sirio 2222. 1970 RCA

CD reissues: 1988 RCA; 1995 BMG; 2007 BMG (Japan mini-LP); 2008 Sony/BMG

LP reissues: 1988 RCA; 2008 Sony/BMG

Packaging details: When I first started collecting Italian progressive rock originals in the 1980s, Il Balletto di Bronzo's debut was one of the most sought after and expensive. Fortunately an LP reissue surfaced quickly and that was my first copy. It also demystified the allure for me (and for many others I suspect). I ended up buying the Japanese mini-LP at a bargain price, and sold the reissue LP shortly thereafter. The original cover is nothing special, and none of the reissues feature bonus tracks, so honestly any version will suffice. Only the most dedicated and well-heeled collectors would insist on an original LP.

Notes: You won't find many people out there that tout "Sirio 2222" as Il Balletto di Bronzo's best album. And I'm certainly no different. See Il Balletto di Bronzo, once upon a time, released one of those once-in-a-lifetime masterpieces called "Ys". Of course we'll feature it at some point, but for the one person who may be reading this and does not know about "Ys", just buy it. But my random number generator picked "Sirio 2222", so we'll be consistent and plug along.

As in everyday life, there are contrarians everywhere, and so it should not come as any surprise there are a few that state "Sirio 2222" is much better than the overrated "Ys". Fine. "Ya gonna think what ya gonna think so no point on a changin' yo mind."

Now, having said all of that, "Sirio 2222" is a swell album of Italian psych, with elements of progressive rock beginning to seep in. 1970 is very early for an Italian band, and the famous Italian progressive movement was about a year away. "Sirio 2222" offers some fine guitar work, good melodies, and a few places of imagination. But it doesn't give any indication of where they were headed next.

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