Heldon - Electronique Guerilla. 1974 France

All the Heldon albums are special, and the first is no exception. It's more raw and primitive, and that's part of its charm. Moog synths with searing electric guitar work define the album. An anarchic left wing vibe gives it a radical student atmosphere, befitting Professor Pinhas' role.

I found some unpublished notes that I wrote in 2006 about Heldon's early albums: A proper discussion of French electronic music cannot be had without at least a passing mention of Heldon. Lead by the mercurial Richard Pinhas, a professor of Philosophy at Le Sorbonne, and master of electronics and guitar. The early albums, generally accepted as the first 3, exude the feeling of the underground - a true rebellion to all things that are commonly accepted. Subversive. One can only wonder what role Pinhas would’ve had in the French Revolution, but I get the impression he would’ve made the history books. And, in some ways, he has made the history books, even if the subject in question are more for connoisseurs than the general public.

Personal collection
LP: 1975 Urus
CD: 2005 Captain Trip (Japan)

The first copy I owned was the Cobra LP (2nd scan), but ultimately I found the Urus original.

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  1. This one and Allez Teia just got reissued on vinyl by Wah Wah with an extra 7" each. Have to get them in the near future. This one carries the Schizo EP and the other has: "A1. Perspectives 1 (Originally released in 1976); B1. O.D.B. (Originally released in 1975)." Have the other three because they are not difficult to find as originals. I expect that next one will be: It's Always Rock 'N' Roll; much needed juice for LP lovers! I'm waay hep to that. Heldon is certainly a hot ticket...


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